Participating S3RA Schools

More than 40 schools have participated since our inaugural season in 2018. Check out this map to find schools that have participated in the past.

As schools visit our site, they would love to know who is participating. Having a school close by is a powerful motivator to join and collaborate - we really want to build that kind of community!

You can be a League Leader or a Team Leader!

Think about which category you fall into, each comes with its own responsibilities... see below!

League Leaders

These folks have already been Team Leaders, have drone racing experience and are taking their involvement in S3RA to the next level - this is the most prestigious position a volunteer can hold in S3RA!

As League Leaders, your three top responsibilities are:

  1. Check and be active within the slack community twice a week minimum. Post some pictures! Tell a success story! Show your team crashes!
  2. Actively engage other teams in their region to set up 3 dates/locations for races/events per season.
  3. Willing to mentor and support new teams with their expertise.

St Francis De Sales

League Leader // Columbus, OH

Construction Technology Chairperson

District: Columbus Catholic Schools

Seasons: Spring/Fall 2019

Perkins High School

League Leader // Sandusky, OH

District: Perkins City Schools

Seasons: Fall 2018, Spring/Fall 2019

Willard High School

League Leader // Willard, OH

District: Willard City Schools

Seasons: Spring/Fall 2019

Team Leaders

Adults in charge of the drone racing team at a school or community organization. Regardless of their experience, they are excited to be involved!

As a Team Leader, your three top responsibilities are:

1) Support your students, their goals

2) Run your team (from equipment purchasing to scheduling practices and meets)

3) Communicate with other teams by checking the S3RA Slack and posting at least once a week. Reach out to a League Leader at least once.

S3RA Team Leaders

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